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Muscat Oman

"The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do."

Michael E. Porter, American  economist and founder of strategic management

It's crucial for businesses, especially start-ups, to have a set of tactical corporate consultants. Not every entrepreneur possesses the expertise in handling a business, understanding a new sector, or charting their course. Hence, it becomes particularly essential to assemble a group of reliable advisors with a variety of experiences that you can draw from. Even if you're seasoned and confident, it is invaluable to harness diverse perspectives, maintain impartiality, and stay detached from the everyday minutiae of the business.

Real accomplishment is possible only when you learn to efficaciously harness the abilities of others. Building a panel of strategy experts is not only important but also an economical method to bring experienced members onto the team.

Stripe and Spheres

Macro Strategy

The significance of a strategic business mentor in achieving success is undeniable. However, choosing the right mentor is just as crucial as the decision to seek mentorship. We are of the conviction that an experienced business proprietor makes the ideal business mentor at this level.

A mentor focused on broad perspective or visionary strategy is your ultimate navigator, assisting you in making management decisions, recruitment, setting the business course, forming partnership contracts, navigating negotiations, and even serving as an impartial collaborator in making significant decisions. This approach aids in ensuring that you commence intelligently, thereby minimizing the risk of project failure.

Micro Strategy

Conceptualizing is just a segment of the larger picture - actualization is the other. The manner in which you implement your plans during the initial stages is a crucial determinant of your start-up's triumph or downfall.

We're here to assist in the formulation and execution of your strategic plan by providing comprehensive and consistent one-on-one support. Our team is comprised of exceptionally rational and critical thinkers, a blend of talents that are ideal for devising a thoroughly considered strategic plan and for providing hands-on mentorship through each operational hurdle.

Our clients have found this level of mentoring advantageous for daily operational queries, preparing for funding, maintaining focus on weekly tasks, devising a strategic plan, business plan, contemplating business direction, developing more advanced procedures within the organization to monitor and gauge performance, and to refine decisions related to optimizing customer lifetime value.

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