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Company Formation Services

Establishing a corporate entity and registering it for commercial operations in Oman can be intricate, necessitating flawless execution from the beginning. Blue Dome recognizes that penetration and growth in new markets are demanding tasks. We are committed to mitigating these obstacles, providing your business with the essential tools for a smooth and effective entry into Oman's market.

Visa Services

We can provide comprehensive support for every step in the process of obtaining and renewing any type of Oman visa. Our services specifically include:

  • Application assistance for all kinds of visas.

  • Processing and renewal services for business and employment visas in Oman.

  • Coordination for visa transfer and cancellation processes.

  • Help with preparing notarized documentation required by the ministry.


If you're considering applying for a visa in Oman, don't hesitate to reach out – we are more than happy to lend our expertise.

Our exclusive corporate structuring methods, merged with industry-specific expertise and international exposure, empower our clients to foresee shifts in customer preferences and market competition. Subsequently, they can structure their businesses and enhance operations to capitalize on the prospects generated by these transformations. Our methodology for business establishment is transparent and direct, offering practical advice tailored to your requirements and financial capacity.

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